Discover Quito

Quito is by far the trendiest, most interesting and vibrant capital city in South America. It could be said that, without a doubt, it’s almost impossible to get bored here. The simple fact that Quito was the first city in the world to be awarded status as a World Cultural Heritage Site says a lot about the pristine, precious and well-preserved colonial quarter, known as ‘la ciudad vieja’, in contrast to the cosmopolitan, modern and well-developed northern sector of the city. 

Quito boasts world-class restaurants, a diverse cultural events program, theatres and ballet. If shopping takes your fancy, be prepared… Quito’s standards are among the highest on the continent. Two million people live here, most of which are life-loving, easy-going, well-mannered Quiteños.

The metropolis, which extends fifty kilometres in length from north to south, is situated in an Andean valley embraced by Volcano Pichincha to the west and providing breathtaking views of the valleys of lower altitude to the east. Of the 365 days of the year Quito is blessed with at least 280 beautifully sunny spring-like days. If you are a sports or outdoor pursuits fan, there are a range of activities on offer from polo to football. 

In fact, it could be said that any activity imaginable is possible in Quito, for example, climbing a volcano with a height of over 5,000 metres for breakfast or dining champagne and lobster in a top restaurant with breathtaking views, is an everyday occurrence in this splendid city.