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The heart of Casa Aliso

Carlos is the chef of Casa Aliso likes to help in the service of the whole hotel, also to work together with his colleagues. He likes to travel and learn about cultures, and he loves to spend with his children. He is a very cheerful person and he is very committed to his work. 


Carolina starts her day at the reception with a wide smile to receive each of our guests. Before working in Casa Aliso, she was hostess in a prestigious hotel in Quito. She is happy to share her experience with her co-workers and to create a bond of trust with the guest so that they can feel at home.

He is the administrator of Casa Aliso. He likes his work, traveling, helping his colleagues; He has worked in several hotels and restaurants in Ecuador and abroad. He likes to meet people from all over the world, his favorite hobby is to exercise.

Anita is the housekeeper of Casa Aliso. She really likes her job and the contact with customers. She is also a housewife, before she worked as a cashier in a renowned Quito restaurant “Clancys”. She likes to take care of and be a great support for her children. In her life she has gone through several difficulties, but she has been stronger than she has been able to overcome them. In the course of her life she has met very good people who have helped her; He likes to help his co-workers, because he has a good relationship with them. One of his favorite places is the beach, to go for a walk because he prefers the heat than the cold.

Fabián is in charge of the maintenance of the hotel. Important for him is to offer customers a clean and tidy hotel in good condition. He works in Swissrest in the same way in maintenance. Fabián likes his work very much, also he likes to help his colleagues in all areas. His favorite hobby is soccer and he loves to travel. Overall, he feels happy in his work and comfortable with his teammates at Casa Aliso.

Lizbeth is the receptionist of Casa Aliso, she enjoys working at the hotel and working together with her colleagues. Before Casa Aliso, Lizbeth worked in restaurants and also as a cashier. She likes to travel and meet people from many places. One of her favorite places to go on vacation is to the beach.


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